Cartel Free Since ‘73.

We only handle fruit that is sustainably grown in sunny southern California. California Avocados are only available during the spring and summer months and that is when we go to work to pack and market our California fruit. Our Cal Flavor logo only goes on fruit grown in California. Our fruit is ethically grown and harvested. Our employees are paid fair market wages based on California labor standards. We employ pickers that are vetted through the federal H2A program and all of our packing house labor is local and community based. Our California Avocados are grown with conscience and distributed with consciousness.

Cal Flavor is all California all the time.

You won’t find our label on anything but California Grown avocados. It is our promise and our belief that the best avocados come from California.

Cal Flavor avocados are locally and sustainably grown,
most of our fruit is grown less than 70 miles from your
kitchen table.

Exclusive Growers – Packers – Shippers of the Finest Avocados grown in the sunny hills and valleys of San Diego and Ventura California.

The Witt and Perricone families have been growing California avocados in eastern San Diego since the 1970s. The two families combined make up a large percentage of avocados grown in The state. In 1983, Sam Perricone and Bob Witt opened the Cal Flavor packing house in Escondido, California.

For years, Cal Flavor focused on packing only the fruit from the Witt and Perricone farms. We have now opened our independent operation to other growers who want to declare independence from handlers who support imported fruit. At Cal Flavor, we are exclusively growers, packers, and shippers of California fruit. Some may call us crazy, and we are…we’re crazy about locally-grown California Avocados!

CAL FLAVOR is a premium avocado grower, packer and shipper based in Escondido.